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We are as passionate about your travel as you are! is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marble City Travel Limited. Since our inception we have been committed to offering a thorough, impartial travel service focused directly onyou our client. Our website is continuously upgraded and updated to factor in our professional travel awareness and therefore enabling you  to make an educated and informed decision. We are focused on offering you, the best value for money whilst continuing to research destinations both personally and through our local contacts in resorts and destinations throughout the world.

Marblecitytravel, one website, one world, one goal – “to be your partner in travel, wherever this world may take you”.

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  • Overall Business of the Year 2012/13 Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce
  • Service Provider of the Year 2012/13 Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce
  • Royal Caribbean National Growth Award
  • Overall Sales Awards – MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Bookabed 2012/13  – Travel Centres

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Caribbean Cruise Holidays

Smooth Sailing: Top Reasons For Choosing A Cruise Ship Vacation

To the uninitiated, the thought of a cruise ship vacation may seem rather dull. They mistakenly believe that there will ...
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Cruise Ship - Norwegian Cruise Lines

Cruising – It’s Not All About Zimmerframes

Cruise holidays are a topic we've been passionate about for a very long time. Since the launch of the original game ...
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Travel – It’s Simple Really – With A Little Homework!

The sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet, once famously said that ‘price is what you pay; value is what you get!’ ...
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Turkey - Istanbul - Holidays

Something different for the weekend!

Where Old meets New in Istanbul - Turkey! People often assume that just because you work in the travel business, you ...
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London Holiday Breaks – We Could Be Here Forever!

London, There is just so much to it! Where do you begin? As Irish people, we've been almost attached to London ...
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Fly Drive Holidays - Road

Hit the road Jack!

As travel agents.........we travel...........each chance we get, we try to experience the new, or revisit our favourites. If you are ...
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Cruise Ship - Cruise Holidays

Here Comes Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas - the latest member of "the worlds favourite cruise line" is set to arrive in Southampton ...
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Fly Drive Holidays - Road

The New England-a-thon Adventure

Having lived in New England, some years back, a revisit was on the cards. The New England region is one ...
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